Easy to use, dual optical and video measuring system for precision engineering

Swift PRO takes the work out of measuring precision-engineered components and from reporting the results. With advanced functionality and the benefits of both video and optical measurement technologies, its exceptional ease of use and industry-standard outputs make it a great choice for all manufacturing environments.

Two metrology devices in one.

Swift PRO combines two measuring microscopes in a single, robust device, saving space and money.  Use video measuring for bulk and routine work, where the edges of features can be easily identified.  For more challenging subjects, with very low contrast between the feature and the background, switch to optical measurement.  The unique Dynascope eyepiece-less technology provides high contrast, microscope-resolution images for easy, accurate measuring.

Improved productivity

Because Swift PRO measuring microscopes are so easy to use, they can be operated by anyone from shift workers to advanced users, with minimal training. The exceptional ease of use brings you fast, accurate measurements and a greater return on your investment.

Cost efficient

Swift PRO give you two powerful measurement systems in one compact device, saving you money, the ability to switch effortlessly between optical and video measuring improves quality control and traceability, with fewer returns and less scrap.

Intuitive metrology software

The advanced functionality of Swift PRO includes our industry-leading M-series metrology software for quick, accurate part inspections, plus CAD-style part view display for easy inspection of the measured data.


The dual technology of Swift PRO makes it ideal for a wide range of non-contact measurement of plastic parts, medical devices, PCBs, machined parts for aerospace, automotive and military use, and any other precision engineering environment.

Choosing the model that’s right for you.

There are three models in the Swift Pro range to choose from.  Swift PRO Duo features both optical and video measurement systems; Swift PRO Cam is our video-only model, and the rugged Swift PRO Elite, which features the Mx200 digital readout, is an excellent replacement for traditional toolmakers’ microscopes.


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