Portable Optical Profiler

A portable optical profiler is the ideal solution for situations where you need to measure the surface of an object that is too large for the measurement stage of a conventional workstation profiler.

Small in size and lightweight, the Nomad optical profiler sits directly on the surface you want to measure. Bringing the profiler to the surface eliminates risks associated with moving/handling a large part and attempting to fixture it for a workstation profiler that was not designed for the task.

Powerful Performance – Portable Package

You don’t have to sacrifice precision for portability with the Nomad profiler. It uses the same Coherence Scanning Interferometry (CSI) measurement technology that is at the core of our workstation profilers. Benefits of CSI technology include:

  • Non-contact metrology: no risk of part damage
  • Sub-nanometer measurement precision is independent of field magnification
  • Measures not only polished optics, but also a wide variety of surface types including ground, structured, and stepped – regardless of the material.
  • SureScan™ technology allows operation in virtually any environment, without the need for vibration isolation equipment
  • Mx™ softwareenables seamless data exchange with other ZYGO Profilers including ZeGage, NewView 8000, and Nexview.

In-Process Measurements

In some production situations, there is great potential for improved efficiency by being able to measure the surface of a part without removing it from the grinding or polishing machine to bring to a QC lab for measurement, and then remounting it on the machine. You will gain confidence that the machining or polishing is complete prior to removing the part from the production machine.

Docking Station

The included docking station enables the Nomad profiler to be used like a desk-top profiler, and also provides a safe place to change objectives or store the unit when not in use. No mounting is required. The profiler’s foot pads fit into recesses in the docking station’s posts. Easy in; easy out.The baseplate of the docking station is a Metric Breadboard which allows for easy integration of simple stages, fixtures, etc.

Adaptable to a Wide Variety of Applications

The Nomad portable profiler offers a new perspective on in-process and large sample metrology. The small size and open design make it simple to adapt the Nomad profiler with simple custom fixtures and mounting to accommodate more complex surface applications. Contact ZYGO today to discuss your application and to arrange a sample evaluation.