Affordable, precise and portable for rapid in-process inspection.

With Master3DGage™ you can precisely pinpoint and resolve quality issues in real time, reduce scrap, improve efficiency and boost the productivity of every machine. Simplicity and ease of use are designed right in, so that even those with little or no metrology experience can get up to speed quickly. Controls and interface are easy and straightforward, so users spend less time scrolling through screens and more time making quality parts.

Master3DGage™ is a six-axis articulated arm CMM with absolute encoders and unique counterweight design making it the most balanced and accurate available. With a 1.2m hemispherical measuring volume and quick-mount base the Master3DGage is ideal for fast in-process measurement and inspections anywhere on the shop floor. Lightweight and compact place your Master3DGage™ right on your CNC machine to verify parts quickly, without repositioning.

Standard Features

Standard System

  • Portable measuring arm Master3DGage™ articulated arm PCMM
  • 6-Axis 1.2m (4 ft.)
  • Ergonomic counterweight design
  • USB and power cables
  • Universal worldwide voltage 110V-240V, CE compliant
  • Quick setup guide and mouse pad
  • Calibration certificate

Standard probes (including case) 3mm ruby, 6mm ruby, 15 mm steel spherical hard probes

  • Quick disconnect, automatic probe identification

Certified qualification sphere Size ±0.0005mm (0.00002 in.)

  • Spherical within 0.0001mm (0.000005 in.)

Feature Pack Internal lithium-ion battery and WiFi
Magnetic base kit Base anchor with 3 precision ground magnetic blocks
Annodized aluminum training part
Rugged, wheeled transport case
1-year warranty


PCMM Options

  • Short probe kit
  • Long probe kit
  • Custom probes
  • NIST traceable length bar
  • Threaded stand adapter
  • 1, 2 & 3-year extended warranties

Optional Laser Scanner

  • 3D laser scanner
  • Scanner cable
  • Calibration sphere
  • Rugged transport case

Product Grop

Master3DGage , EVO 6 EVO 7 , EVOX